Transforming Spaces: A New Approach to Interior Design with Trisetra Decor

Transforming Spaces: A New Approach to Interior Design with Trisetra Decor

01 Jun 2023

Welcome! I’m Yashashri Patil, a dedicated interior designer who thrives on transforming homes into vibrant, engaging living spaces that truly reflect the personalities of their owners. My secret weapon? The innovative 3D solutions offered by Trisetra Decor. These cutting-edge tools empower me to bring my designs to life, allowing clients to visualize their transformed spaces in unprecedented detail.

In this blog post, I’ll take you behind the scenes of one of my recent projects, showcasing how Trisetra’s technologies can revolutionize the way you approach room design.

Let’s start by diving into one of the key features that sets Trisetra apart: its ability to generate an exact 3D replica of a space from photographs. This stands in contrast to many other design applications, which build 3D rooms based on floor plan measurements and often result in approximated models. Trisetra’s approach significantly enhances the design experience, making it ten times easier for clients to visualize ideas in a precise 3D replica rather than an approximated model. With a single click, I am able to create a 360 render of the final room.

Below, I have included the empty version of the 3D replica with its matching color and material as well as designed room renders.

Next, I will introduce the two secret weapons that make tackling design challenges with Trisetra a breeze. The first is the ability to work with an unlimited inventory of furniture. While most design software options offer a fixed set of furniture items, Trisetra provides a real-time 3D model generator module. This module allows me to instantly build a 3D model of any furniture piece from any retailer, and try it out in the room. I can even use Google to search for any product available near the client and incorporate it into my design process.

Let me explain with an example how it works:

Step 1: copy the URL of a selected product
Begin by selecting a piece of furniture or decor that you would like to incorporate into your design. Once you’ve made your selection, simply copy the URL of the product.

Step 2: paste the URL in 3D model generator UI to fetch the product details
Next, paste the copied URL into Trisetra’s 3D model generator user interface (UI). This will fetch the product details necessary to create a 3D model.

Step 3: add the generated 3D object to the room
Finally, add the generated 3D object to your room in the Trisetra platform. Now, you can see how the product fits and contributes to your overall design!

For the bedroom in this project, I created 3D models of furniture from Ikea, Article, Leafy and Jaipur rugs and used them to design the room. I planned and placed these selected products in the room in such a way that each product is easily accessible to the user, which brings up the importance of functionality.

To start with, I identified an accent wall for the room and placed the bed along that wall. Then I placed nightstands, bedside lamps and rug around the bed. After arranging the main furniture, I placed the secondary furniture such as the bench, floor lamp and finally topped off the decor with plants and paintings.

Having access to all available furniture made it easy to meet the budget constraint for the project. I searched among similar products and chose afforable and yet aesthetically and functionally pleasing furniture. Trisetra Decor would let me switch similar objects in the room directly which saved time as well.

The second cool innovation Trisetra offers is the ability to quickly change the wall color by choosing from 1000s of curated color palettes. Once I was satisfied with the placement of the furniture, I shifted my focus to the wall color explorations for the room.

Here are the steps to take to find the right wall color:

Step 1: filter the available curated color palettes by applying floor and upholstery color match as well as the color feel for the room.

Step 2: save the color palettes that matched with the overall decor

Step 3: select the best color palette out of the saved ones which I personally felt was better than the rest.

To try the Color Palette Generator on your own, click on -

By following these methods, I completed the whole design process within just 6 hours!

The role of technology played such an important role in this. I was able to finish the designing of one room within budget and yet made it aesthetically and functionally pleasing in just a few hours.

To experience this new and easy method of designing a room, you can sign up to Trisetra Decor.

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