Effortless 3D Room
Modeling from Photos

3D Room Modeling
from Photos

Easy, Fast & Complete!

The Easiest Path to 3D Modeling for Professionals.
TRISETRA 3D Originals
Budget Friendly Efficiency
Input Complexity
Swift & Agile
Depth & Realism
Interactive elements
Affordable as low as $19.99/per room
Minimal efforts of photo input
Complex models under 12 hrs
Realistic lighting, & detailed textures
Architectural element animations
How it works?
From Images to Realistic 3D Rooms
in Simple Steps.

Take a look at our
Trisetra 3D Originals
Step into our virtual gallery for a glimpse of our interactive 3D models.

Immersive Experiences with Trisetra
Exact 3D Replica, Decluttered, Interactive
Explore Interiors in
Augmented Reality
Experience 3D models on your mobile phone using AR technology.
Explore space anywhere, anytime.

Use Cases

You’ve got questions, we have answers.

Marketing & Real Estate
How can I enhance my property listings to stand out?
Use Trisetra's 3D models to offer virtual property tours, letting buyers explore remotely.
Retail & E-commerce
How can I help customers confidently shop for furniture online?
Utilize Trisetra's 3D models to create virtual showrooms, letting customers visualize products in rooms.
Design & Home Improvement
How can I help clients visualize their space?
Leverage Trisetra for 3D visualizations, enabling clients to see design concepts in detail.
Events & Planning
How can I ensure event setups are flawless?
Plan virtually using Trisetra's 3D models, ensuring every detail is perfected in advance.
Home Improvement & Construction
How can I prevent surprises during home renovations?
Preview design changes accurately with Trisetra's 3D models before implementation.
Art & Collectibles
How can I give art collectors a better view of available pieces?
Utilize Trisetra's 3D models to showcase artwork virtually before purchase.
Residential Homebuying
How to explore potential homes more comprehensively?
Access Trisetra's 3D room models to virtually tour properties, aiding in better decision-making.
Home Improvement
How to plan renovations more accurately?
Utilize Trisetra's 3D room models to visualize design changes and renovation outcomes before execution.

Why does your business need it?

Experience Effortless Interior Design Visualization

Integrate Trisetra Originals into your workflow and save up to 3X of the time spent on model construction.
Consumers are willing to pay as much as 40% more for a product that can be “tried” through AR
Forester research
58% of consumers who use AR believe these tools have prevented them from having to make a return.
The 2021 State of Returns survey
Merchants who add 3D content to their stores see a 94% conversion lift
Shopify research, 2022
Consumers are 11 times more likely to buy if they use AR first to see how it looks within their home
The 2021 State of Returns survey
Easy to Use API
for 3D model building
Our Subscription-Based API
Delivers 3D Models from Room Images, Seamlessly Integrating into Your Existing Workflows.
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