Seeing is Believing

To truly understand a space, you need to see it. Whether it is your own living room, a new apartment, or a private event space, it is difficult to know how a space feels until you've experienced it in 3D.

Trisetra takes standard photos of a room and makes them 3D-aware. This transforms your images into an interaction-capable 3D model of the room. This allows anyone to experience the look, feel, and scale of a room without being there in-person. Best of all, Trisetra's capabilities work with standard smartphone cameras and image formats. No expensive, special-purpose hardware or software required. And no technical skills required of users.

Arrange and Save the Space

To make room arrangement and furniture purchase decisions, you need to test different layouts and see what combination works best within the constraints of your actual space.

A Trisetra-generated 3D-aware images allow you to interact with and arrange the actual objects and furniture in your space. Move your furniture around. Take out the things you don't want anymore. Add in new pieces to see how they will look and whether they will fit. Save your new arrangement, or make multiple arrangements. Do it all inside a simple app that is designed for everyday ease of use.

Share and Coordinate

Decisions about your home and personal events are not made in isolation. They involve friends, family, spouses, and professional advisors. But, email, phone calls, and hand-drawn sketches don’t convey the ideas and vision that you are trying to communicate.

Trisetra's 3D-aware images are designed to be light-weight and persistent, so they are easy to share and collaborate with the people involved in these important decisions. Send a visual arrangement and allow them to send back a new arrangement to see what they think — rather than reading what they type.

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